Monday, 13 January 2014

My review by Robyn Duffy

I went to see the film Hannah Montana at the cinema in Bolton. I went with my mum and Cousin. The film Hannah Montana is about a girl having a double identity. She is just a normal teen then next minute she is a pop star and her name is Miley. It is a teen flick. My opinion of it was thatit was funny and emotional when the boy she fancies finds out her secret and things go horribly wrong

I also went to see the GCSE art show about Jasper Johns at School. I thought that the work was inspirational and detailed. Also it was about everyday life.

If I was going to tell a friend what to see I'd say Hannah Montana because its a comedy and romance and draws your attention.

Monday, 5 August 2013

My Review By Ethan Eardley

The first gallery we visited on Day 1 of our 4 day Art Boot Camp was the Manchester Art Gallery exhibition "Do It".
I enjoyed the first gallery as it showed personality within itself it was also very interactive. There were some rooms that were almost experiments where photos of the room were shown somewhere else in the gallery.
There were some very strange displays, interactive displays. I enjoyed them. I liked the idea of two people holding an identical piece of ice and the first persons ice block to melt has warm blood.
There was also a room that was assigned to be drawn all over and there was a light switch in the middle. It was quite spooky but imaginative I think.

I personally quite enjoyed the gallery and found it interesting and fun!
After the first  gallery we went to a street covered in graffiti. I loved the street and would adore waking up to see such a beautiful sight. I took a few photos and knew I wanted to do graffiti for my final piece.
Finally we went to a fashion museum which was my least favorite display out of all. I personally found it very boring and I didn't think there was much to it. All it was were people wearing clothes but at the end of the day it was art and everything is art and everybody is an artist in my opinion.

Friday, 7 June 2013

My Review by Luke Mcdonald

As we travelled to Liverpool i looked out of the train window and saw trees which I felt looked like Art. On coming into the first gallery in The Walker Art Gallery my first impression was that it was funny. There was a film by Marcus Coates where he was pretending to be a deer.
I didn't like the work by Rachael Goodyear as it looked a bit wrong. The Walker inspired me to think about creating art with Ladders or clothes . I liked some of the painting up the stairs at The Walker Art Gallery, they must have been hard to do and take at least 10 years. We went to the World Museum and I liked that you got to dress up. We went to an exhibition by the photographer Rankin. He had taken big photos of people with conditions like Muscular Dystophy or people who were dying.

My Review by Courtney Dyas

As I set off on the trip I felt cool it was me and you going to scouseland. I liked the sculpture "Chance Meeting" at Liverpool Lime Street station. The man in the sculpture Ken Dodd had a ticker called a tickling stick in his hand and he hung around with little men. I thought that it was cool. The plastic birds in the entrance to the walker by Patrick Murphy were gorgeous. In the Walker I liked the film piece called "Journey To The Lower World", it was different. Looking around the rest of the gallery I didn't like the bronze sculpture called "Homage to Sculpture" by Francesco Bertos. I did like some of the other traditional works like "When Did you Last see your Father" a painting by William Fredrick Yeam. I liked this because it had a story behind it about a father who had escaped from the Civil war and was being tracked down through his son.  I liked the dresses in the Mrs Tinni display at The Walker and this inspired me to try and make costumes. We bought a catalogue of all the dresses to look at later.

My review by kirsty Dyas

To Start off  Tuesday we went to Liverpool's Walker Museum and the world history museum to Get inspiration. I was inspired by the Mummies and the Greek Sculpture. There are two pieces of art work at Liverpool Lime Street Station and I liked Chance Meeting by Tom Murphy best as it is more realistic and a real sculpture.

 I thought that the work outside the Walker by Patrick Murphy was bright and colourful. One of my favorite works in The Walker Art gallery was  an oil painting Spectrum Jesus by Keith Coventry.

 I thought that Haroon Mirza's work was just like a load of stuff in a corner and looked like the mess in my bedroom. I liked the greek room as the Walker best. In the world museum I loved everything. I think that both galleries are good for different types of people. I would recommend the Walker for people who are over 40 because there are more paintings and and not many people who are over 40.

Friday, 1 February 2013

My review by Amy

The first exhibition we saw was  by Art Unlimited Art Group. What I liked about the presentation was, The Runcorn Widnes Bridge painting and The Decks paintings. The Decks Flats painting overlooked the Runcorn Bridge. In my opinion I thought was quite an appealing image and view. I also liked the black and white photos which showed the bridge in 3 stages from the 1960's. The historical ideas in these pieces of art are interesting.

The Second exhibition we looked at some handmade designed quilts made by Cheshire Bridge Quilters. I liked the colour in this because there were lots of bright colours.

At Runcorn station were 2 super lamb bananas. I really liked these because they were colourful and well designed.
We went to the DADA exhibition at Bluecoat in Liverpool. The Exhibition was a festival of disability and deaf arts which was on show from the 13th July to 2nd September.  In this exhibition show I liked the Karen Sanders work "135 museum visitors and a dog". I liked this because the installation art was more than sculpture and was really colourful.
I didn't like the Birgit Dieker work "Bad Mummy". The reason why I didn't like this was because the sculpture was quite scarey and threatening.

If I was to recommend either of these exhibitions I'd recommend the Dadafest exhibition because the features of the exhibition is quite appealing to people older than me. The reason being is because this exhibition had lots of different kinds of art.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

George Evans Review

In my time on holiday in ST. Ives we visited many galleries, the most memorable was the Tate. The Tate was showing a Brooklyn artist named Alex Katz. His art was the spark for the pop art craze and his portfolio spans over 6 decades back to the 50's. Katz used a lot of colour this helped enthasise his massive scale work. He painted both landscapes and portraits, and used quite complex subjects, but he paints them in quite a simple style. At first i found his work too bright and quite ugly, but as i looked at it it sort of grew on me.